think slim philosophy

It's official: big and chunky wallets are things of the past. If you're not convinced - read more.
Is your wallet fat and ugly because you stuff it with unnecessary cards, coins and receipts from years ago? Do you really need all these stuff everyday and on every occasion? These days we use our credit/debit cards or NFC mobile payments to pay for grocery, coffee etc.. It's time to throw away other cards and stuff. Think slim! It's extraordinary pleasant to have a wallet that's less than 10mm thick.

Here is all you need during regular day/evening:

  • credit/debit card
  • ID
  • Driver License
  • secondary credit/debit card (optionally)
  • banknote or two (optionally)
  • one or two coins (optionally)

All things above stacked together are still slim enough to fit in small wallet which does not add too much bulk in your pocket. It's time to slim your wallet now! Buy our wallets here.

tips for slimming your wallet

  • ditch coins and leave one or two
  • ditch banknotes and pay with PayPass, PayWave etc.
  • use iPhone's Passbook App, or other similar apps which stores your digital airline boarding passes, movie tickets, gift cards, promotion coupons and more. We personally use Stocard App
  • take photos of your receipts (download apps which can do it) and remove them immediately from your wallet

Ready to go? Buy our wallets here.