Leather Slender Case for iPhone - white

Slender Case for iPhone made of white leather

Slender Case is the thinnest leather case for iPhone 8 and other iPhones available on the market. It's an elegant pouch that doesn't add thickness to your device. Made of natural leather, which makes it incredibly durable. Designed specifically for the iPhone; it's ideally suited to the shape of the device. Proven and appreciated by thousands of our customers.

- fits your device perfectly;
- lasts for years due to its simple build;
- no glue.



Our Slender Case is made of soft and thin genuine leather so it’s vital to get the technique right. Then you will love the case.

Learn the best way to insert your iPhone 8 into the case.




Use your Slender Case the way we show to the left and you’ll never miss the call.

Learn the best way to remove your iPhone 8 from the case.